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I hired Kris to photograph my daughter's baptism. Kris went the extra mile by offering to get into the water with us during the ceremony. He captured amazing underwater images in addition to traditional photos. We are not sure why he took all his clothes off to get into the water but the quality of the images speak for themselves!
Jack Brown
Thank you very much i really appreciate your photos they are very lovely and inspiring photo i wish i could be like that pro like you.
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Kris Misevski Photography
Thank you so much Pete!!
Pete Skrade(non-registered)
Awesome work, Kris! Your photos are novel, arresting, thought-provoking, often just plain beautiful, or interestingly weird!

Nice to hear from you--thanks!

Hope all is well...

LOVE THE PAGE(non-registered)
Your work is great! I love watching all the updates :-)
Anna Kuenzli(non-registered)
You may know that I am listening to Sara Bareilles, but you also know now that I have visited Kris

So there.
Kris Misevski Photography
Thanks for your kind words.
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